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Whey Protein – Everything you need to know and more besides!

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Welcome to Wheyforliving 

Have you ever wanted to know more about the benefits of whey protein? Or find out how to add whey protein to your diet? Perhaps you want to know how much whey protein you actually need to get the benefits of this naturally occurring foodstuff? Whatever your question, the answer is probably here on the Wheyforliving website. 

The Wheyforliving platform has been developed to inspire and ensure that discussions about whey proteins, as well as other proteins, are based on facts and science-based knowledge rather than myths or hearsay. 

On this website you will find articles, recipes, tips and videos for inspiration on how to make whey protein a part of your daily diet. To make it easy to navigate, you can find four sections:  

You can also take a test to find out how much whey protein you actually need depending on your profile and lifestyle 

Whey protein for healthy muscle and bones  

Firstly, our ‘Health’ section gives you the lowdown on protein and health. There, you can see whether you’re getting enough protein for your lifestyle needs. You can also learn about different types of proteins and why complete proteins, like whey protein, are such a valuable protein source to stay strong and healthy.
It is well known that your body needs protein to build and maintain healthy muscles. Protein also contributes to healthy bone development in children. But what is it that gives protein its superpower when it comes to muscle building? We’ve put together a series of articles under our ‘Muscle’ section on how whey protein works to build and repair muscle, and contributes to keeping us strong and healthy.

And not only fitness enthusiasts have adopted natural whey protein as part of their daily diet. The ‘Nutrition’ section of wheyforliving.wpengine.com brings together information about how whey can be part of a healthy diet for people of all ages. Here you can find out about what whey protein is made from, how long its effects last or how to get enough protein in the increasingly popular flexitarian diet

Try it yourself! 

Finally, the section on recipes is where it all comes together. Here you can find a number of easy go-to recipes that show you how to use whey protein and create delicious results that your friends and family will love. Fancy protein pizzaspinach protein waffles, or protein banana bread?
The recipes are all here ready to inspire you. What’s more, to make the recipes even easier to follow, we’ve included video instructions at the top of the page. Even if you’re no masterchef, you can’t go wrong with whey protein in these dishes.