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Whey Protein: Your Partner in Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight gives you lots of benefits. But it is not always that easy to do. When talking about weight control, people often focus on fat and carbohydrates, but did you know that protein can help you reach your health loss goals in a healthy way?

Feel less hungry

The core of weight loss is to get fewer calories than your body burns. But when the body detects a lack of calories, you start feeling hungry and the urge to eat something can be difficult to resist. A diet that is high in protein makes you feel fuller for longer, which means you will be less tempted to grab a snack1.

Loose fat not muscle

When dieting, you need to get enough protein. Otherwise your body starts breaking down your muscle to get the necessary amino acids. This results in muscle loss instead of the intended fat loss. By providing your body with enough amino acids through high-quality protein, you limit this unwanted muscle loss2.

Help the kilos stay off

After having been on a diet, many people find that some of the lost kilos come sneaking back. The most important part of maintaining your weight is to stick to your healthy habits – also after your diet has ended. On top of that, scientific studies have shown that a high-protein diet helps prevent unwanted weight re-gain3.

Remember exercising

To get the best effect from dieting, you should always combine it with physical exercise. By exercising you build muscle mass that helps to burn calories. Remember that the body needs sufficient amounts of protein to build muscle – and for that, whey protein has been shown to be superior4.

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