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Want to stay strong and healthy? Try the protein quiz and discover how

It requires a valuable protein source to stay strong and healty. But even with plenty of grains and greens on your daily plate, you might ask yourself, if you’re getting good quality protein in your diet. This simple quiz will help you to the answer.

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1/5: What is the name of the valuable protein source that helps you to stay strong and healthy?

The correct answer is: B. Complete protein

A complete protein or whole protein is a food source of protein that contains an adequate proportion of each of the nine essential amino acids necessary in the human diet.

2/5: How many proteins does an average person require per day?

The correct answer is: A. 50-65 grams

It is recommended, that an average person needs approx. 50-65 grams of protein per day. Perhaps it doesn’t sound of much, but it equals 5.2 kilos of rice, 1.6 kilos of peas or 7 eggs.

3/5: How many kilos of bread equals the daily recommended protein intake?

The correct answer is: C. 4.5-4.8 kilos

That was a tough one! It is recommended, that an average person needs as much as 4.5-4.8 kilos of bread to equal 50-65 grams of protein per day.

4/5: What makes whey protein such a popular nutrition superpower

The correct answer is: C. Whey protein contains all of the essential amino acids

There are different types of protein and not all of them carry the same benefits. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they are found in different combinations depending on the protein source. In total, there are 20 amino acids, nine of which can only be obtained from diet.

Whey protein contains all of these essential amino acids making it a valuable source of protein with a number of health benefits. Also, whey protein is a naturally occurring and gluten-free complete protein suitable for vegetarian or flexitarians looking to cut down on meat.

5/5: Who do you think benefits the most from whey protein?

The correct answer is: C. All can benefit from whey protein

Protein as part of a balanced diet is vital for our body functions and growth no matter where you are in life. It contributes to muscle mass and is needed for normal growth and development of bones in children. It also helps the body absorb nutrients from food. When you pass the milestone of 50, you will need more protein to counteract the muscle loss that age, a condition called sarcopenia.

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Benefit from whey protein

As you have learned there are many benefits associated with whey protein. Not only because it contains all the required essential amino acids, but also because it is fast and easy to absorb by the body. That is why this naturally occurring protein has become increasingly popular in recent years as a protein source with a high nutritional value. Learn more

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